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What fun you're going to have, Erin! I'm on my first iPhone too, and can't begin to tell you what a great/useful 'toy' it is. Unfortunately Siri doesn't always understand my Australian accent though. Love your hot pink case too - the same as mine :-)

OK, I can see you're already HOOKED! ;) It doesn't take long. Enjoy the pants off your iPhone! I do mine!

Congrats! I am not a tech hound, but i love, love, love my iphone. I'm constantly looking up information, from definitions & pronunciation to Bible references and history. I also love knitting podcasts. Enjoy!

Will there be anymore on PSE?

Congratulations on your new tool/toy! I'm sure you'll love it even more when you come to know it better. Have fun!

I gave in to the smart phone in January. I knew I would love it, and I do. I Do I Do I Do!

Superb info...tnx for sharing

I just got an Iphone too..but decided with a bossy teen son, I didn't need anyone telling me what to do. I opted out of Siri. Look up GroceryIQ. Its free, I have no affilation. But its my fav best friend at the moment. If I have my phone, I have my list..and its organized by aisles! I'm so nerdy! lolol

When I bought an iphone for my daughter's graduation gift a few weeks ago, I got one for myself, too! I'm so glad I did. All the cool kids are doing it! I downloaded instagram, but haven't used it yet. Julia loves it.

This Christmas release your fears to the God who says we no longer need to be afraid.

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