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PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing that little tutorial. I can't wait to try it!!!

Great tutorial! I really need to just dive head first into applique...even though i'm SO scared for some reason! Seems like it should be easier than piecing...because there really is no right or wrong...no seam allowance...

Erin, would you show how you make the yellow tulipy flower in this week's block? Do you cut the bottom petals as one piece? I had a hard time covering the bottom petals when I tried to do them singly in the center block. Can't wait for Friday as I'm all caught up!

Oh, thank you, thank you!! I'm going to get started right now!

Thanks for sharing this info. What sweet flowers!

I love your tutorial. I started using the starched edge technique a few years ago and I love how crisp the edges stay. So much easier to appliqué than needle turning. Enjoying your blog.

I like the fabrics in your pink daisy. What perfect way to keep your flower year round. I like the startch making it look so crisp.

Great tutorial Erin, you make it look so easy!

I love the tutorial. I do very much the same thing but I use freezer paper insteaad of mylar. I ress the FP to the wrong side of the fabric, cut with a seam allowance and gather, starch and press. I leave the paper in the piece until I am ready to start sewing.

muy bueno el tutorial nunca lo hubiera imaginado que fuera facil o eso imagino

I love your tutorial for perfect edges...I have tried several ways to applique and do one similiar to this. Question, do you use your method for the stems or do you use a bias strip maker for those? This little flower is so cute. I just bought a pattern for a table runner at a quilt show yesterday where I think I will do this technique!!

Obrigado por compartilhar esta informação, Adoro novidades.

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