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Praying for all in the area - my family included! Stay safe!

Erin, you, your friends and the rest of those involved with fighting the fires are in my prayers. Please stay safe!

Prayers for your safety, from across the Pacific, Erin.

How awful. Prayers for all. Hope everyone stays safe and this is over soon.

Oh gosh Erin, I had no idea you were close to the fires. Stay safe!

Went to school at UCCS and got married at the academy...I love the springs and am so sad. Will pray for rain and that the firefighters can get the fire contained. Take care!

It was a news item on television in The Netherlands. Please take care !

Praying for you. I have relatives there, but, I don't know how to reach them.

Keeping you and all in the line of the fire in my prayers. My in-laws were evacuated from the fire in NM - it was less than a mile from their home and an aunt and uncle have been evacuated from the Colorado fire for 3 weeks now. They lost the 7 cords of wood stacked by the house so it was close. It is still too dangerous for them to go back home. Praying for rain. We need it badly here in NM too. Stay safe.

You are all in my prayers. Stay safe! ~Jeanne

I went through this last year with Las Conchas. You have my deepest sympathies and I know that there are a lot of folks south of you hoping things get better soon.

My Prayers are with you my cousin lives near there. they have not yet evacuated, but they are ready.

I just saw some pics around the US Air Force Academy - really a dangerous fire. Be safe.

I am glad you are safe and hope you and your friends stay that way. Hugs!

Erin I pray that you all stay safe. It's such a frightening thing.

Thanks for the tutorial Erin. Hope you, your family and friends remain safe as well as all the firefighters. Will pray for rain.

My son and his family live in Colorado Springs. Yesterday the fire was 2 miles away. They were preparing to go to his wife's sister's house. Praying hard that the fire will be contained SOON!

My heart goes out to the affected families. My prayers are with you all.

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