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That is too funny. I'm impressed about the video. Good luck and I am sure you will be just fine. You may not be zombie material but we love your lessons and help here so you definitely are quilt teacher material. Have fun.

Enjoy your video making and lol great zombie story!

Too funny!! With any luck you won't have to moan or groan while taping this!! haha Good luck!

Great story. Have a blast making your video.

You'll do great!! And I love the covers. I've already made the one on the right.

Just be yourself. Remember that the journal is the "star". And pretend that you are explaining your "how to" to a group of school teachers. That way, you'll be personal but professional...and keep the book in the forefront. Hugs! I'm sure that you will do just fine!

Terrific story! I love covering journals and notebooks, I can't wait to see your technique. There a lot of us wishing you well, you'll do great!

Too funny about the zombie voices. Good luck with the video. The journals are lovely.

They should have told you to think sad thoughts. That's what my drama teacher said in college just before I dropped the course.
I'd say-keep in mind that this is important to you and you'll do fine.
Good luck and when will we all be able to see the video?

Well... How did it go?

Don't walk around a lot. That way you won't trip on things like I do on camera...

My goodness.... What a great story. Hope you are happy with your video!

How exciting!! I couldn't do it.....I wouldn't laugh, I'd just freeze! Great story.

give us an update how your tutorial went would love to know. I am sure you were superb!!

This giggling zombie story made me laugh really hard. Thank you for sharing it!

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