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My son turns 12 on Thursday...it is a great day to have a son! Happy birthday to yours, and may your busy month be a happy one! :)

Happy B-day to dear son. Thanks for the heads up & enjoy your August.

nothing to forgive Erin.....love this blog and always worth waiting for..... you DO have a life!!! :-)
thanks for all you do.

Happy 18th to your boy! And good luck with all the dorm moving-in! Just enjoy your family at this significant stage. We'll all be here when you're ready to be more involved here again. :)

I'm right there with you...we have our annual Canoe Carnival on Saturday, which is also my daughter's 18th birthday. She leaves on a birthday cruise with her Godmother on Sunday and I'll take her to college on the 17th. Then I'll have an empty nest...how strange! Enjoy your time with your family!

You blink and they are all grown up.. just close your eyes and keep them closed!

Hi Erin,
I sure can relate, my girl turned 18 last Wednesday and coming Saturday we are moving all her things into her room in another city (gasp), slowly but surely all her study books are being delivered and it is really going to happen. Siep is sniffing out all the boxes with her things that are piled up everywhere in the house. I'm excited for her, she is on the treshold of a wonderful adventure but I also have to swallow away that big lump in my throat everytime I see those boxes.

So Erin, we pull ourselves together and remember millions of moms (and dads) have gone through this and millions will go through it after us!

You have a wonderful day coming Thursday with your family. Are we blessed or what??!!

Hug for you from Anita.

Thank you for your kind words,this is a nice and useful information.

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