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Have you seen this woman's doodle quilting? Check it out? http://www.paulakovarik.com/journal/tag/quilts

is this why there are so many LAQ`s that are so smart! they doodle all day!
I love the speaker her presentation made this topic very very informative and interesting

Thanks for the link, I'm going to share it with friends.

I often doodle at meetings and see everyone else just sit there bored!

Great speaker.

OK I'm convinced, I am off to find some paper and a pen and spend the day doodling :)

Thanks for sharing that! I'm off to find paper and pen also!

this was great! thanks for posting! as a home schooling mom I am always torn on when to repremand a child for "not paying attention" and doodling was/is an area that is most guilt laden for me. Well! this video has helped quell that feeling and I am sure I am well on my way to calming down and letting be :) again thanks!

Iyon ay ang tamang weblog para sa sinuman na nangangailangan upang maghanap out ang tungkol sa paksang ito. Napagtanto mo maraming nito halos mahirap magpakilala sa iyo (hindi na ako talaga ay kailangan ... HaHa). Mo tiyak na maglagay ng bagong iikot sa isang paksa thats ay nakasulat tungkol sa para sa taon. Nice bagay-bagay, lamang mahusay na!

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