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Welcome to the club!

Erin I call it regrouping it is the last dog days of summer before life returns to its normal routine, I would enjoy this moment for as long as possible.

No worries, we will still be here when your brain wakes up, you are far too creative to be MIA for long!

I think they call that "Empty nest syndrome" But you always have full house here!

Hey we all need some down time! (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) It is just lasting an awful long time (wink wink)

Erin, you are going through a major life change now that both of your kids are in college. It changes your whole world and takes some adjustment. After a while, you will adjust and probably enjoy the freedom you have. I would suggest you just focus on YOU for a while. They will be home before you know it! College goes by REALLY FAST!

I resemble this.

When my last child went to college, I found myself in a funk, not knowing why! Then someone mentioned, 'could I be going through a slight depression' which is not my personality at all. I realized that's exactly what it was....as Patricia suggests "empty nest syndrome". Once I recognized it, I was fine. Something I had not ever experienced nor recognized before. It passes quickly and you go on with your wonderful life! :-)

This article feeds my soul! Thank you for sharing.

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