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Hi Erin, I'm LIVING your internal conflict right now. My daughter is away for the week for an introduction week of her university. She's doing fine but it was wobbly in the beginning, we both shed a lot of tears and dad had a stomach ache!! It's wonderful that our kids can work on their education and future and we will get used to it, yes we will!! Hug for you from Anita.

I'm sending you hugs...I will definitely be needing some when my son goes...

I understand....I took my first son to college on Tuesday.....4.5 hours away.....wish I could go and have lunch with him.......miss him so much.......love the block...so simple and I need some mind numbing activity right now.

Sweet! The printer's humming!! Thanks!

It is a blessing when your kids go to a college that is driving distance. I went thru both senarios. All that I can tell you is that it gets easier with time.

Thank you Erin for another beautiful block.

Erin, thank you for another lovely block.
As to your children leaving to go to college...it is a bittersweet time. Hard to see them fly off to their own world. Sweet to see them grow and mature into wonderful self-sufficient adults. I found that this transition in my 3 children was startling and yet very much welcomed. Now in their late 20s-31, they are fantastic adults, making their own homes and starting to raise their own families. That is the way it must be even though it causes home sickness in the parents during this transition. you have done a wonderful job raising them and now is the time to see the results of your parenting. And, you are doing the right thing to continue to make your quilts and to live your own life. that is the healthy method of parenting. take care. I am glad that you are near enough to them that you can make a weekend or a big day visiting them. I found that it did make the transition easier for me.
donna j from Kansas

thanks for block 8!!

Good luck getting the kiddos settled.I can see the tears coming on now!!

As a mum to a 14 yo son, I'm already dreading/looking forward to the day he leaves home, so I understand this completely.

I also love hand sewing for the same reason, and its why I love cross stitching too, it quietens my mind...

You really are impressive Erin! Whatever life throws at you, you still manage to deliver our blocks.
Another little beauty in your unique style.
Thank you.

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