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Add a brown and a black blazer to that mix...and you're ready for anything! Good luck with the more permanent pastime!

Congratulations Erin!! And Best Wishes to you on your full-time gig :) I really love that stripey vest in the photo & I think that navy blue would also look great on you. I've been working from home for so long that my daughter has to tell me to "Get dressed" before I go outside -lol- PJ's are clothes too, right?!? Hoping for some juicy work-gossip from you ;)
Good Luck!

Best of luck with the transition! I hope you love working full time and that your children graduate college in four years or less!

Good luck with the new job! What an exciting time this is for you!

Congradulation on your new position and the increased pay that goes along with it. Your new wardrobe looks fantastic - comfy and cheerful in a grown-up way. While shopping for clothes is not everybodies favorite thing to do, new clothes really can boost your self-confidence. When I was a kid and had all my new back to school clothes it made me feel like I was invincible and could do anything. I hope you feel this way on the first day of your full time job.

Congratulations Erin! I know who you were freelancing for, so I'm guessing the full time gig is for the same place! So Happy for you!

Hope you love your new full time job. Love your work clothes.

Wow Erin, how exciting. Congrats!

Congrats and good luck! A shopping spree is good in theory, but not always in practice. Actually, the colors in your new work duds remind me of some of your appliqué .

Congratulations! I love reading good news like this. And I gotta say, that would be one of my dream jobs too. Best wishes.

Congrats! I don't mind the shopping part, it's the trying on part that depresses me. 3/4 of the items don't fit. I'm not a 'pink' person, but, I did get a 'raspberry' colored camera for Christmas this year. NOT PINK!

Congratulations! Best of luck in your transition, and i hope you and your coworkers become incredibily energized!

Congrats on the new job. And congrats on the new wardrobe. Love the colors, they so remind me of your quilts!

Congratulations Erin!

I hope that you love your full time job. Congrats.

Love the clothes! You picked the perfect shopping companion. I can't wait to hear all about the job! Congratulations!

Congratulations Erin! I'm so happy you will be doing something you love. That's what life's about, right?

That is fantastic news Erin, congratulations!! I'm happy for you. Hug from Anita.

Congratulations on the new job! Your new wardrobe matches My Tweets! Just throw in some orange and you're good to go!

Congratulations, Erin! I'm sure this was a huge step for you to take. Love the new clothes; the colors are so similar to your quilts!
Here's to Tuesday!

Congratulations Erin!!! I hope it's everything you want it to be.

best of luck in your new job. Transistions are scary no matter how old we get. I'm sure you"ll do a great job!

Best of luck! Hope you enjoy it thoroughly!

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