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Thank you for your kind words,this is a nice and useful information.

Wow that is really pretty.. what is the line? I certainly wouldn't cry if that showed up on my doorstep. LOL.

Oh, my!!!! Be still my heart! That is beee-u-tee-ful!

Love the fabric and also love the change at the top of your page. The "My Tweets" border makes a great headline for you. If it's not new sorry that I didn't notice before today.

Gorgeous!!!! I think we need more information, Erin :-))

OhMyGoshErin!!!! Whose line is that and where and when can I get some?! I am working on a few new designs that those would be perfect for!

Lecien Antique Flower collection...the bright one not the dull one

Hallo, Ik vind je pagina. Ik ben blij dat Yahoo wees mij aan. Ik was in staat om de know-how was ik zo slecht op zoek naar dag now.Thank u hartelijk voor uw echt goede webpagina. Heb een goede dag.


Those are so summer-y and remind me of a gentle summer spent with my grandmothers teaching me how to hand embroider and crochet. That was a very long time ago but I can still smell the air on the patio as we sat and stitched together. Thanks for the memory nudge. Good luck with the mortar and gout. It's messy but so worth it when it's done.

too early ...i meant grout, not gout!

What do you have planned for them, Erin? They're really luscious looking.

what line, what line?? they look so sweet and summery!!

I think its antique flowers by Lecien

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