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Good luck...I got home yesterday from dropping my youngest off. It went smoothly until I was getting ready to get in the car to go home and she said, "So, is this when you cry?" If she hadn't said that I'd have been fine, but I immediately got teary. She always was a rotten child! :)

The balloon out your window brings back memories for me. I used to wake some early summer mornings to the 'whooooosh' sound that they make and when I'd look out the window, there would be 2 or 3 floating by. Beautiful picture. I remember, too, losing my daughter to college......took me a long time to adjust.

Good luck getting them off and settled! Try not to cheer and dance until they are out of earshot!

That is an amazingly appropriate symbol of their journey...

What a beautiful balloon! Yeah - everyone's "flying" away for school from here, too, this week. Bit of a bummer, really.

Beautiful bright colours like your quilts!

Lovely balloon & with flowers! I'd take that as a symbol of hope and that all is as it should be. It always amazes me that one can be elated and sad at the same time... Elated for one's child and sad to not have their company. Hope your heart finds peace. B

cool! reminds me of your quilts.
Hope your daughter has a great year.

Woow! I wanna have this type of journey. I wish I were a bird!

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