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I like it!! I think you should go for it!

LOVE! Lecien has the best fabrics as does the Fat Quarter shop. Love yellow and white togeter too.
Best wishes on the recovery, they arent far and you will see them often as they come back for all the things they forgot and when they hit you up for laundry, raid the pantry, borrow your towels, general kid stuff! Good job mom!

I love that yellow! Where did you find the yellow sateen?

I'm with you in your newfound love for yellow, Erin. These days I try to include some yellow in every quilt I make, it's just such a happy shade.

I thought maybe it was just me, but you have "yellow fever" too! I used to have a real aversion to hellow, but lately have been finding myself liking it more and more. I am really leaning towards painting the new studio a vey pale yellow, but DH says it would affect my other colors too much, and just stick with white... Care to weigh in?

I have white but my carpet is blue...maybe it affects my colors

Yellow is my favorite color so I decided to sneak on this, and this is lovely.

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