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I really needed a hand sewing project back in January so my daughter chose six My Tweets blocks for me to make for the center of a quilt already in progress. I have to admit I'm kinda new to applique and the stems were daunting. So I decided they would be "thread" stems. I found a really cool, wide stitch and they came out lovely. Such a coincidence for me when you said you would be doing some embroidery on the new design. So looking forward to seeing the medalion.

Lovely! To me, your desgns are so graphic, and yet have movement. Another sublime design!
Hope you get your computer issues all resolved.

Looking just stunning. I'm not progressing very quickly on my block, but I keep trying. Applique may be just one of those skills I need to be shown in person!

Erin - stunning - as always!

Erin, I love everything you do. It's lovely!
Please answer me. How do you use the tissue of very strong colors, what do you do when washing the fabric before starting work, not to get out of ink?
Some fabrics did everything I knew: boiled with salt, put in vinegar, washed with soap etc and nothing worked. Help!!

Oh wow -- this is just gorgeous!

Me too! Those colors are luscious!

It's beautiful!

Oh, my! That is so gorgeous!

Erin, I love your colors and the pattern!!!

Loving the orange and the blue as the highlight of the colors. They look fantastic together!

Gorgeous, Erin. And congrats on the day job!

OMG! I agree. The colors are to die for! I would have never put those together. Just goes to show that's why you are the designer and I am just a follower.... LOL! Great look for that block.

So pretty! Love the colors!

Awesome post.

I can see colorful and lovely wall design. This will hit the taste of interior designers for sure.

Kids will surely love this design, especially little girls. I know that this is not that easy to implement, maybe if they want to they can consult to a designer.

In our rooms, we those glow in the dark animal stuff. They are really good in kid's room and it's really adorable. Kids will be really delighted with those ones.

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