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Wow! I really like it. Can't wait to see your color selection and follow you through your progress. Happy Labor Day to you!

Looks exciting. And Good Luck on your new job.

I love it and embroidery plus applique...I'm so excited. Really want to see where this one goes.


good luck at the new job - hope you enjoy it, you will find much less time for designing and quilting but you will be experiencing new things too - have fun!

Twitter is beautiful. Good luck at the new job this week.

Good Luck on your newish job. I hope you don't get too tired. I love the plans for the new medallion quilt. I've been working on applique and embroidery too; but with wool. One of the ideas I'm doing is similiar to your "Day of the Dead" skull. You should make that in to a pattern. That's all you need more work.

That's absolutely gorgeous! So much opportunity for color play, and adding the element of embroidery would be fantastic!

Beautiful! Can't wait to see it in color! Clever you.

I love applique combined with embroidery!! Good luck with the new job tomorrow...you will shine.

Lovely design, it should be spectacular with the combination of applique and embroidery.

Congratulations on your new job, I can't tell how how often I seemed to start my new job on the Tuesday after Labour Day.

Enjoy the experience.

You are amazing! Love your design, it is outstanding and very inspiring. Good luck as you begin your new position. I'm sure you will do terrifically!

That is going to look fantastic!
Good luck with your "first day at work". Hope you meet lots of lovely people, and that you enjoy the adventure.


That drawing pulled me right in, Erin!! OMG! Please, please, bring me along on your journey! I'm hyperventilating here..........

Good luck with your big girl job! I'm betting on your success.

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