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Wow, can I have your job? I will enjoy it a whole lot more than accounting.
I am really happy for you.

Lucky Girl!

Sounds like a dream job. I'm so happy for you.

How exciting and fun for you. Glad your big girl job isn't something boring. We wouldn't want all your creative juices drying up!

How great is that? Ongoing creativity. Deadlines, not so much, but I'm sure you are used to that, too. Will we know which quilts you worked on?

Well, I would say THEY are lucky to have you! And boy oh boy, I would love to share your work with you! (hmmmm, I think the commute from Canada but be a minor issue....LOL)

Congratulations, Erin!! I hope it continues to be buckets of fun for you!! Sounds like a dream job to me!!

Wow, that's the kind of job I would like. A sewing meeting????? I don't think I'd have any problem getting up to go to work. Congratulations and have fun... they're lucky to have you.

What a dream job!!!

Fabulous! Sounds perfect. What a fun job - and colored pencils too! Enjoy!

How perfect for you and for McCall's Quilting!! CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved. McCall's Quilting will benefit wildly.

I am so proud and happy for you, after all that youhave given to the quilt and design world it is time for them to give back to you. Hugs and best of sucess.

Linda in NS

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Sounds like such an interesting and creative job!

Sounds wonderful!!! There is nothing like having a job you love. :)

Erin, that's amazing...and well deserved! Congratulations!

Congratulations, Erin! How exciting for you!

Ok. I'm officially jealous. So jealous that I'm a bit green. I need a sewing meeting at work!!! I need to play with quilts at work!!!
Definitely a dream job. Congrats for earning the new position!

Wow! It is a dream job! Enjoy! ~Jeanne

such a fun job!!! Oh, I have the same calculator. we're calculator twins! :)

Congratulations Erin - they couldn't have made a better choice!

Isn't it fun?!! I stumbled into an ongoing freelance job that combines my quilting, graphic design and technical illustration skills. Lucky you, lucky me!

Sounds like an absolutely dream to have a job like that!!

Lucky you! But, if your neck and shoulders start to hurt, try lowering your monitor. The top of the monitor should be level with your eyes. I wish I could use colored pencils on my job, but I do use a ton of "scented" dry erase markers.

congrats! Fun job, for sure

What a great job for you! Glad you are enjoying it.

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