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So funny, definitely looks better!


Oh tat is so funny, great job getting the magazines...um..straightened...lol.

LOL! Love it!

funny! it does look better up front.

I agree, it looks better up front. However, I like the look of it in my studio. I found it at my local grocery store and picked one up.


hahaha .. I would totally do the same thing!

Yes! Much Better! I have my copy and can't wait to start this beautiful quilt!


naughty naughty! I would have done the same thing!!

Oh that is so funny. I do the same thing by the way.

You're so cute.

What a chuckle! Shhhh, I would have done the same!

LOL! Can't wait to pick up my copy later today.

Excellent Erin, I would have done the same

I'm watching for the mag at the stores around here, maybe I can't find it because it's in the back. If I find that this is the case, I'm gonna have to move so others can find it too!

You go girl!!!

Lol sounds like something I'd do!

I checked my grocery store yesterday and couldn't find it. I don't know whether they're not carrying that one, or if it's so popular they sold out. I'm betting it's the latter. Guess I'll have to hit B&N!

OMG I would have done the same thing! I did find it and bought a copy.

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