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My brother in law works for a major computer manufacturer and they have a nifty motto, "if you can't fix it, feature it!" I'm sure no one will notice those dots when it's hung on the wall. Only your eye will be drawn to it, but you can always embellish it in some way.

They look like great places for embellishment to me! The piece looks wonderful as all your pieces do. I really admire your applique and your willingness to share your techniques.

I agree with Mary. Put a little circle applique on them or a sequin or bead or whatever. Consider it a design opportunity!


My thoughts exactly! I'd put French knots at each glue dot, then give the birds fancy crest feathers, like peacocks have. You can get as simple or as fancy as you like.

OK, everyone beat me to the punch. I agree with them...embellish!!! I can not see them in the first photo, which shows off your beautiful work by the way.

blessings, jill

How disappointing on such a lovely block.

I've heard that one of the glues can also pull colour out of a dark colour. Not sure of the brand but I know the next time I use a glue I'm going to test a scrap first.

I like the idea of some embellished stitches to glitz them up a bit.

Yes, a perfect spot for a little embellishment.

Erin, it is just one wing, if you do not want to embellish and have extra fabric, redo the wing.

I had wanted to add some lace to mine to make it look victorian and I didn't but I would love to do one large centre block for the wallhanging as such..

Maybe you could add a thin teeny wedge layer of orange on the wing with baby scallops below it to hide it. That might be something new if it doesn't come out.

I am with everyone else... Either replace the wing or make a two fo crystals or franch knots if you don't want to get glitzy and put a few embellishments elsewhere (flower centers, their top knots...) and call it good.

Maybe time for a little embroidery embellishment; some french knots strategically placed could be lovely... ;-)

The birds are lovely, even with the glue dots. Hope they come out for you.

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