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Sorry you've got a nasty cold. Get well again soon. Dorothy.

How neat! I was there...and spied you from across the room, but I'm a chicken and didn't say hello! Hope you had a good time!

You are living the dream, Erin! Feel better soon. I have so missed your blogging this week!

I hope you feel better soon. I agree with you but Eleanor, she is the reason I quilt.

And I had been worrying that your blog might go into a decline because you had "a big girl's job" - instead it just keeps getting more and more interesting!

It's so annoying to have a cold isn't it?

(from the land of "Call the Midwife" - glad you like it)

Congrats! You are so moving up in the world! What fun!

I have kept her in business by buying all of her Quilt in a Day books! How exciting!

Hope you feel better really soon!

I am glad you got to visit with her. I met her a few years ago at Quilt Market and she is just a dear dear woman. Feel better soon!

I just found your blog...and then saw your photo of El. I have worked at QIAD for 20 years...and yes, she is a HUGE inspiration to quilters!!! Maybe you can join us for one of our week long camp experiences. We leave next week and I am SEW excited. XXXX

Feel better soon. My husband and I were on our way to Houston to visit old friends and to attend the show. We got as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma, from St. Louis, when he got sick. After spending two days at the hospital in Tulsa, we turned around and drove back home. Since we missed this show, we are now planning to go to QuiltCon in February. Like you admire Eleanor Burns as a quilter, I feel the same about you as an appliquer. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to meet you in February. Take care.

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