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Is it possible for you to tell me who makes the fabric in your actual border that you posted for Miss Kringle.? I am so taken with that fabric, I would love to find it.

Its a Nancy Halvorsen Christmas fabric from last year by Benartex...dont know the exact name

Clicked on the link for Patternspot, but couldn't add it to my cart. Can you help? So looking forward to this BOM0

the center is just beautiful.


I can't thank you enough for doing this for all of us - I'm down under and was wondering what I would do whilst I take care of my mum for a while in the states and I'm in love with Miss Kringle and Jingle Belle - thank you sososo much!

I went to Patternspot and put the Jingle All the Way pattern in my cart, but I can't check out and pay for it. Any idea why?

I would like to order the new center pattern for the Miss Kringle but i can't seem to find a mailing order page and the address for sending a check for it.

mary E. Hulick


Hi Erin, my name´s Eme, I have my Miss Kringle pattern!!. I´m ready to start...Thank you for your beatiful patterns....

Hugs from Spain.

(Sorry...my english is so bad...)

I like Ms.Kringle very much and I've just downloaded the center panel; now I've got to go search my stash for fabric. Thanks for such a nice pattern. Kathy

me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin, have you posted any recommendations as far as fabrics for the applique blocks themselves? I don't have many solids or tone-on-tone fabrics in my stash (okay, I have NONE. I'm a print-hoarder!). I notice that you seem to use several shades of red, green, etc in your beautiful appliqe and that gives so much depth. I'm going to have to purchase fabrics for the applique pieces. It looks like the color palette will be shades of red, shades of green, and a yellow/gold. Can you give me an idea of how many shades of each color I should get and the quantity of each fabric? It's always dangerous to walk into the quilt shop with just "I need lots of red and green fabrics" in my head! Thanks.

Erin: Just wanted to thank you for your marvelous pattern. I've wanted to try applique for a long time but never quite had the courage. Well I am almost done with the second applique block and am loving the process. I am well and truly hooked, thanks again for opening a whole new world.

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