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Love, love, love it!!!!!!!

Love the block. Hope everything is OK with the family.

While I have loved all your designs, this one definitely speaks to me, absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Jingle looks lovely so far. I can't wait to get started on it. I am so thankful to you for your generous sharing of patterns. I don't get them done every year but I love to follow along. Hope your family is fine, happy holidays.

Absolutely beautiful! Your method really works so well--those shapes are exquisite!

It's beautiful! I'm really looking forward to this one.

It's beautiful and really looking forward to this one....you did a great job.

Erin, it's wonderful!!!! I hope all resolves well with your family issue.

This is so beautiful. You really zoomed through this. The reds in the center are perfect. Can't wait to see the added blocks in the future.

Of course I had to search for the missing pair of leaves.....lovely block, so nicely done!

Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

Don't stress about it. Christmas will come, whether we're ready for it or not. It won't kill anyone if you are late one year. Hope the family stuff works out well. I had 'family' stuff come up in October and did lots of unexpected traveling. Well worth it, even if my gifts aren't ready yet. The people are way more important than the gifts.

Oh! Looks like we'll be working in Christmas colors...how wonderful! I seriously need a great new Christmas style quilt! I'm just dancing and going Woot! Woot! over the new block already!

I can hardly wait for this BOM! It's beautiful! Prayers for you and your family.

I always seem to find my boo-boos in a photo. This is going to be spectacular

I just created chalkboards as Christmas gifts for my friends. I tried to draw a Poinsetta on one of them, and I have to say, I really wish I had seen this first.. minne doesn't look as lovely :(

I wish you could have heard the delighted exclamation i made when the photo showed your block.... Lovely, lovely! A perfect blend of traditional and modern. Love it!
Best wishes for you & your family!

Beautiful, just beautiful !!!

Love, love love it! Will be patient for the pattern to be up. Family first. Hope all is well. Really looking forward to this BOM your designs are simply wonderful. Merry Christmas.

Jingle looks gorgeous, might be tempted to make this.

Can't wait! Its GORGEOUS!

Oh, wow! You had me at pomegranates and poinsettias! I've always watched your beautiful BOMs and enjoyed everyone's work but thought they looked too detailed for my poor efforts. I won't be able to resist this one and I'm going to start getting my fabrics together now. It looks like I'll be needing greens, reds and goldy yellows. Do we really have to wait until after Christmas to start??????

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