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Congratulations on the first successful post. Love the vintage Star Trek Pez dispenser collection.

Merry Christmas anda very happy new year.

Hey i got that from Santa this year.

I picked one up today!

Congratulations!! You'll have so much fun. (That is a pretty nerdy gift!)

HEY!!! i got one of those PEZ sets from michael myson - to go with the original Star Trek PEZ set that he gave me a couple of years ago!!!

does that make me a nerd? nah ... well ... maybe - like when i get pissy cuz some people call me a Trekkie instead of a Trekker...

woohoo :D

it became part of our reality, so hang on there, and enjoy the discovering new features on the new computer :), may your new year will be prosperous and a lot of inspiration and aspiration.

Love the Pez set! Congrats on the computer.


Have a very happy new year.

Hugs from Argentina

happy new year! i have been following ur site for the past three years but this is the first time i am posting a comment( sorry about dat) i love ur work looking forward to ur jingle BOM quilt.

Oh, I'm jealous of your nerdy gift! I wish I'd seen one because I'd have gotten it for my son.

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