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Oh my goodness is this beautiful...

A work of art. Well done Karen... And Erin, beautiful design. What a treat!

It must be pretty cool to see what people do with your design!

Absolutely beautiful!

wow! That is one talented lady.


Wow -- what exquisite craftsmanship! Wish I could see it in person. Congratulations to both of you, the quilter and the designer who sparked her imagination with beautiful patterns!

That is truly inspirational. Isn't it amazing what a simple color change can mean? It looks like two different quilts. I mean it was gorgeous to begin with but I am really liking these colors also!

Erin, she did you proud. Karen's quilt is absolutely beautiful!

Truly beautiful!!!

Wow! it is stunning!

BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a gorgeous quilt.

That is positively breath taking! I am in awe!

The quilt is absolutely beautiful. I'm also interested in the quilt maker...my mother's maiden name was Renninger and she was born in Tiffen, Ohio. I wonder if there is any relation?

Stunning!! Truely a work of art...what a heirloom treasure!!

so beautiful,

Beautiful, well done!

What a surprise to see my quilt here this morning....thank you, Erin, for your designs and inspiration!! And many thanks to readers for your kind comments! This was a fun project and now even better that it's finished and ready for our guild's show in Feb.!

Marie....my husband's family was from Boyertown PA area. We always heard they were no relation to the OH Renningers, but who knows, perhaps if you go back far enough, they were.

Thanks again, ladies....have a joy-filled Christmas!!

OOPS....I meant the last part of my comment for Marcille. Thanks!

Ficou um trabalho maravilhoso! Parabéns!
Feliz Natal !!!

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