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Hehe :) Very funny. Yes, I had a similar experience taking my teen daughters to a movie that was horridly under-rated sexuality-wise. I was sure glad it was only us and not any of their friends, too - especially guys. As we walked out, Dev smirks and says "You really dropped the parent ball on THAT one, huh?"

And hey! Those multiplexes can be confusing!

Very funny, and the exact reason I stand outside the mens room when I go to the movies with my Dad!!! I took him and his g.f. to a movie, she didn't want swearing, nudity, violence. The first 10 minutes there was a nude hottub scene, cursing like crazy. Who knew??

This CRACKED ME UP! I would have never known that the movie was being shown 3 times either!!

Since we're sharing... I took my niece and nephew to see "High Anxiety" when they wee little ones. I have never cringed so much in my life! When they went home to my sister and started singing a song they made up about about p* envy, I thing I turned the color of the ripe beet!

I am really looking forward to your new BOM. Love your work and your blog. Thanks for sharing your talents.

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