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Hi Erin...I´m triying to use your method to applique but I have a little silly question...When you finish to appliqué, do you remove the template?.
I do it when I use freezer paper, but I have never use Mylar.
Thank you for your help!!

WoW you make it look so easy. I noticed in yesterday's post the birds eye. How did you do their eyes?

You DO make it look so easy. Okay, I'm going to try AGAIN!! Thanks for such a great tute!! ~karen

I love your magic. I hope to join this years appliqué fun. Thank you for all the tutorials.

yes, I remove it before stitching it to the background

Hi Erin,
I love cardinals and watch them all year long. We have a couple of families that we've watched the babies grow into mature birds! So my question is about cardinals and up-coming designs: will you be including a female cardinal in one of your blocks? If not, can you think of how I could change one of the males in this first block into a female? The wing would be easy because it's a separate piece but what about the tail?

It´s genious, so easy the way you show, thank you so much for sharing

Love the tute..............your work is so amazing.

Isn't it easier to appliqué the black part on last because it's bigger than the beak hence more room to tuck all that seam allowance away? Have you tried that or doesn't it make sense (or look stupid)? (I realize you wouldn't be able to preassemble the bird in your hand then but need to appliqué all parts on the block.) I regret there are no cardinals here in Germany. I've never seen one. Bought fabric last week and I'm all set but wait for all your clever hints on how-to first. Block 1 is truly beautiful.

Thanks so much for your tutorial. I haven't seen many tutorials on have to deal with tiny pieces and more than two layers. I have always struggled with applique that is 3 or more layers and with tiny pieces. I would have appliqued the bird on first onto to the background, than the black spot, and than the peak. I haven't been happy with that procedure. I it just doesn't look right when I'm done because of all the bulkiness. I'm going try your way of layering. When I think about, your way seems to make more sense. I should have thought of it myself. LOL

I have a question about the center block of this quilt--the pattern for which I purchased. Are the stems on that embroidered or bias strips? I made bias strips, but think the embroidered ones would be better to go with the monthly blocks....

thanks for sharing. it is such a great way that you did that.

center block stems are bias strips

Love it! Thanks Erin -- can't get enough of those cardinals!

you make this look so easy, I so want to try needleturn. Maybe if I keep seeing how you do it I may even get there.

You do make it look so easy.. LOL. Now notoriously red and black are colors that bleed horribly. What have you done to your fabrics to prevent this from becoming a catastrophe after all this hard work and effort?

Wow, nice blog it is!

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