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My sister and I are going to do this quilt together. I LOVE applique and she would rather do piece blocks, so Jingle is a perfect bonding quilt! ;)

Mmmmm...what are you doing with your Tweet birds? That looks quite interesting, milady!

Spill Erin what is the drawing in the background??? Curious minds....

Love the mandala that you are working on. I hope you make it an available purchase pattern... I just love them.

Would that be a South Pacific Tweets that you're working on? Verrry interesting.

Please can someone explain what is a Mandala? (embarassed to ask, but I dont know)

Oh gosh.. you are an amazing designer!! I see that black and white design up there on the wall, and I think. I wanna do that!! Why can't I do that?? I want all the pieces to be able to make one of my own... LOL and then I think wait dummy I have previous versions of Erin's designs IF I were a genius like she was I could make up designs.. I'm just NOT like Erin.. that is what makes the difference.. LOL. Gosh this new design. I just don't know where it all comes from.. a magical place to be sure!!

LornaD, I think a mandala is just a design that's made in the shape of a circle. It looks like the pattern Erin is drawing will make a flower bordered circle when the other half is drawn.

I used to be embarrassed to ask questions but then I figured if I didn't know what something was, there were probably others who didn't know either. I decided I was doing a service to mankind - or quilterkind - to ask. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL

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