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Neat block. How big is the quilt? Maybe some different colors would feel more "Erin?" I may have to get on EQ to figure out how to piece this one.

You did say this was for someone else. So maybe these are the colors you chose because you were thinking of them when you picking them out. I think it is a cute quilt (these aren't my colors either) and I know that there is someone who will love it.


I think it looks great!

I think it's beautful!

Hi Erin, what fun fabrics! In the photo of the fabrics, you show some turquoise, but I don't see that in the quilt top. Maybe adding a bit of it would provide the zing you're looking for? Still, great effort in a short amount of time, and you enjoyed the process, so that's what's really important!

I actually really like it! Are these colors that the person you're making it for will like? It's hard to make a quilt when it's not to your taste. I did that for my sister once. I let her pick out the fabrics, but really hated them and didn't enjoy working on the quilt. However, she really likes it!

It doesn't feel like you because it doesn't have pink in it. It is a great block, though!

Way cool...agree with everyone else, fabric picked for person in mine. Pattern is a great design. I would like to know how big this is as well?

I find if you have to talk yourself into liking it, it ain't for you.

I hand quilt, so I have burned a quite a few in the burn barrel many times. (I burn so I won't be tempted to question my decision not to finish.)

Always something else out there that needs you to discover it in your stash. :)

I don't suppose you would write up the pattern for this one would you? It is a perfect pattern for gifting the younger crowd really like the material that is the colors and pattens that they all like now.

Yes, how big is the block? Supersizing a traditional block pattern is a great idea for utilizing large scale prints. I have a ton of them in my stash that I don't know what to do with, yet I'm compelled to keep buying more because they BEG TO COME HOME WITH ME and I'm a sucker for fabric that grovels. ;-)

These colors are a hit with the 20-something crowd, and also liven neutral colors beautifully, another popular choice for the young mod set. You may appreciate your work more after making another block or two, setting them together with touches of turquoise (as suggested above), or just looking at it in the morning with a fresh set of eyes. Don't quit just yet. Keep going and see what happens. I think you're onto something wonderful.

están divinos esa comvinacion de telas me encanta

For those wanting the pattern it is by Camille Roskelly at http://thimbleblossoms.bigcartel.com/product/swoon-pattern-142-pdf-pattern

Its big all over the web and I dont think Erin meant she designed the block when she said "what I came up with" more the fabric combinations.
Which I think a 20 something would like! The 50's retro prints are all popular with the young folk!

I do know what you mean, about making something, and then--feel like ugh! I think big prints are something I am not comfortable with! I really can't tell you what is 'wrong', it is beautifully done. I guess I'd make the suggestion that you made a 'traditional' quilt in a very modern fabric. The white is to give a rest from the focus fabric. I think I have seen very simple patterns, like a white background with tons of applique circles in different fabrics. If you figure it out, please let us know, we will all benefit from your knowledge. Thank you Erin, for showing us your work, and your struggles. I can surely relate.

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