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Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Erin, happy birthday to YOU!!
I like your creative numbering...that would make me only fifty eleven!!

Hope you have a wonderful forty twelve birthday. I hope you get to do things you enjoy.

Happy birthday! I may have to use your numbering system!

Ha ha ha ha...forty twelve! I'll be forty twelve in June, will have to remember that! I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of all the things you love!

Happy Birthday Blessings Erin!! Hope your day is full of surprizes & wonderful things!!

Happy birthday, Erin! I was forty twelve in December, although DH claims I'm 104 (I have a twin sister)!

Happy Birthday, hope it's wonderful.

Hapy Birthday Erin!!!! Forty-twenty-one here.

Happy Birthday, Erin! I hope your day is AWESOME!

Happy Birthday, Erin!! Have a fun, happy birthday!!

Happy birthday Erin, health and happiness to you, hug from Anita.

Happy birthday Erin, celebrate!

Have a great Birthday. May you do something that makes the day special.

happy birthday!!! dear, have great coming year, with a lot of fun time quilting, appliqueing, and other things that you love, have great pure love around you.
becky ezra
from the netherlands

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day.

Happy Birthday :D

Congratulations on your birthday, Erin! And enjoy your new iron! And enjoy twenty thirteen!
You are sóóó young! Forty twelve for me is ages ago... fifty twelve is where I am now... way "over the hill" as they say. But: enjoying every day: I am quilting Miss Kringle now; I love it! I like your second appliqué block; seems familiar somehow though .. :)
The Netherlands

have a very happy birthday. love your patterns. you do beautiful work.

Happy Birthday Erin!!
Have a great day!

Happy Birthday. Enjoy being forty-twelve and your new iron.

Happy Birthday!! have a wonderful day - and enjoy your new iron!

Happiness is a new iron? Yep we get it!
Happy returns to our applique (and piecing) queen!

Happy Birthday, Erin!!

Happy Birthday Erin!

Happy Birthday! enjoy your new gift.

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