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That's really great advice Erin. Sometimes I think that we can set too many deadlines for ourselves, and when life happens and we miss our deadlines, we feel such guilt...we really just suck all of the fun right out of a project. I'm much happier with my creative side when I just go along and work a little here and there on different things...just for the enjoyment of stitching.

Jinny Beyer preaches the same practice. Steady progress wins out over marathon sessions of sewing.

Right On!! Life is always throwing us a curve. My applique time is just that, "My Time" so 10 minutes or 2 hours it's a great time. Thanks for sharing how you got the name. And thank you for sharing your talent Erin. It has made the curves in my life a lot less stressful.

That's such a good way to approach a project, Erin. Thanks for the reminder :-)

que hermosos detalles me encantan ideas para aplicarla

Hi! Would you please share what the pattern is you are currently working on? I love those birds and the colors you chose are perfect!

This reminds me of a booklet we were given at a nursing seminar regarding time management. It was titled "How to Eat an Elephant"(not that any of us would!) It started very basically with "first you have to catch an elephant". The steps were broken down to manageable pieces, just like your process. I have found that even two or three minutes can help. Just don't be inactive unless you're sleeping! It really works; it works for every aspect of life. Thanks for reminding me -- I have found myself "stuck" lately and this got me going again. You are great, Erin. Love your blog and your quilts.

What is your pressing mat made of? It is so clean!

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