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Feel better.

Hope you feel better. so sorry.

Erin, not only is the flu going round but also some kind of tummy bug. Hope you feel better. I'm glad you didn't post the pieced block. I'm working on Miss Kringle while itching to get to block 1. Gives me a little time.

I hope you feel better, rest and dream of pretty quilts!

It was all that swooning you did yesterday??? Just too much to handle sometimes. Or maybe you need to swoon more??
Feel better.

oh, so sorry to hear that. get well soon.

I hope that's all it is and you are feeling better soon. I just picked up a kid from school. He passed out in wood shop, so he's covered in sawdust!

Get well soon! Take your time, we can wait.... ;-)
Greetings Margo

Awww - get better soon! We'll be fine until you're up to the block.

Sosorry you are sick. Feel better soon!

You desire improvements!

Oh, I'm so sorry you're sick...I've had my days of that too. Rest up and get well soon!

Please take care, there is so much sickness going around and hope you are feeling better soon.

sending you "get well" wishes!

No worries...just get better soon. Crawl back under the covers if possible...and give yourself a much needed (for sure) break.
Sending healing hugs your way!

Get Well Soon!

Feel better soon!
We are all routing for you...
Love from TX.

Hope you feel better soon! It's awful to be sick like that. Thanks for telling us why you can't show us the pieced block yet!

Take care of yourself.
Get well soon.

Join the club, the internal flu thing thats going around is a killer, now on my second week that added vertigo and ear infections... sucks. Stay in bed... hope you feel better soon.

Curl up under a pretty quilt and feel better soon!

Hope you feel better! I had the same thing and I was down for 3 weeks. Stay in bed...hope you feel better soon!

Hi Erin,
Welcome to the club, I'm not a 100% either. On top of that my Miss Kringle fabrics still haven't arrived. The reason is a nasty one but it gives me a bit more time. I hope you feel better soon. Big hug from Anita.

que te mejores pronto.Besos

Ugh..so much of sick going around! I hope it passes quickly. You do so much giving I think we can wait.

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