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So beautiful! It's on my list. Looking forward to the pattern.



Very pretty! I love how it's all happy, bright colors.

I LOVE the bit of pink peaking out from under the bird's wings. Great choice!

Can hardly wait to add this pattern to my collection.

This one is so gorgeous. I really love the symmetry and the colors.

Absolutely Gorgeous!!!! I cannot wait to add to my collection.

Thank you so much for creating such Beautiful designs.

It's a beauty, Erin!

Erin, I love the fabrics that you use: your quilts are in such wonderful happy colors. It looks like you use a certain kind of similar fabric. Is it Moda Marbles, or something else? Forgive me for asking if you have covered this before, but I am new to your blog. Thanks!!!

This is so beautiful! I always love your designs and use of color. I envy your artistry; how is it possible for one person to be so productive, and with such a rapid ability to create new, fresh, beautiful designs? I want to be you in my next life.

Tedious?? Tedious?????
It is great!!!!!!
(I prefer "zen", sounds much better than "tedious").
Thank you for the second appliqué block, Erin, unfortunately I cannot print it, because our printer died a few days ago...

Take care!
The Netherlands

Thank for message, Magnifique bloc et superbe travail.J'adore
Gilliane of France


Erin, that is just stunning!! Hug from Anita.

So pretty! Love how delicate it is in a way. Thanks for sharing it!

Hope you will be releasing this pattern. Not sure what size it is but it would make a wonderful addition to My Tweets as a wall hanging or a pillow top.
You have done it again.

Btw, Jingles is beautiiful.Love xmas themed quilts.

it is soooooooooo beautiful as always!!! huge talent! thank you again

Absolutely love it!!

Question: Do you ladies who make this type of beautiful applique quilt use them on beds or are they considered treasures and not used. I'm a newbie so I am just trying to understand.


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