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Wow that's a lot of snow!! Where do you live again? The north pole? A cruise sounds really nice right about now. Btw, love love love your appliqué work

OK, I live in south Texas, so I don't get to see the snow down here, but I do have to say, it looks so cool, like a huge bowl of dream whip spread pristinely over everything. Maybe that marshmallow whipped stuff is a better description. We don't have the cold like you do, but we have heat like you never do! Our air conditioner is on now! The humidity is about 99% today. This is not unusual! It isn't even all that hot today(70's), but the humidity makes it feel like it's really hot.

I lived in Colorado when I was young, and we loved going outside, and playing. Here in the Houston area we have many folks who instead of hibernating in the winter, we do that from later spring until maybe Christmas. I do not envy your drive though!

Oh no! Spring came fairly late to Ohio this year and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself over it, but I had nothing to complain about in comparison to that snow.

The snow looks awesome and beautiful, but I agree, driving in it would suck. Not that I would know, I've lived in Florida all my life. Isn't the snow a good thing for the west? Something about killing those beetles? While I would love to sew with you I can't cruise. Vertigo! I went at the flat ocean time of year and it was freaky. I'll stand on the beach and wave to the ship as you go by.

Yes! That is what our deck looks like this morning!! Boy, Colorado is soooo different from Florida! ;D

I grew up in southern California and could go for a year or more without running out of wiper fluid. I would only use it once in a while when some stubborn dirt or bugs got on the windshield. Now that I live in Utah I understand just what wiper fluid is for! I have gone through four gallons of the stuff this winter alone. Good thing it is inexpensive! I agree it is time for sun and warmer weather already! I need to get my garden going. Good luck with all the snow and drive safely.

Time to start a quilt called Bahama Mama!

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