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So, I went to Saturday morning science lectures when I was in high school. I ended up with a degree in engineering. Didn't like chemistry much either. . . Physics and math girl too. Now, totally into quilting. . . Kindred spirits!

I'll bet most of us have a few pictures like this floating around somewhere at home! I don't know if we have as great a story to go with it! I can so totally understand your young distress. But honestly, you may have been not on his radar before the picture, after he dis-covered you right there in the library, he should have seen a cute girl, who photographs well. If we only had the judgement of today, back then, we would all be telling different stories.

Wow! You've been famous since your youth. It's very possible that once Mr. Crush recognized you in the library he was too shy to talk to you. The picture is great. My middle child will be starting college in the fall majoring in chemistry.

I'm impressed that the photographer and the marketing people back then chose a girl doing a chemistry experiment! I don't remember seeing anything like this when I was growing up (but I suspect I may be 20 years ahead of you). Not that it would have changed my life, but it might have nudged me to think in a different direction or to at least considered a different career.

That's a great story. I don't like to have my picture taken to this day. When I was in about 8th-9th grade in school the school photographer told me I shouldn't smile in my picture because I looked better when I didn't. I only let someone take my picture now as a last resort lol and am still paranoid with my pictures and don't like to smile in them.

Cool! Which kid and what adventure?!

I completely understand, being a math geek myself. If it makes you feel any better, I had a big ugly cold sore across my nose on picture day in junior high. Yep, it's the photo used in the school yearbook.

what an absolutely fun story and fantastic picture!! And you lived through the mortification!! LOL Wonderful story: thanks for sharing it with us!!

I'm with you on the hating chemistry thing! Just not compatible with quilting!

I think your picture is great! I hope there were lots of girls who saw it and realized that they could try science too. I only passed Chemistry in high school because my lab partner (also a girl) was a major brainiac and one of my best friends. She managed to drag me along for the ride. I am definitely a math fan.

I thought you were going to end by saying that you married your HS crush sigh!

Btw I hated math like algebra and geometry it just didn't make sense to me so I took business math bookkeeping and accounting and I'm glad I did! Not that I'm an accountant ended up being a nurse instead but at least my checkbook always balances!!

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