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Love the hand drawn PDF. It's very personal. The two sites you mentioned are awesome. Thanks for being always inspiring.

FAN-tastic! What a wonderful and smart solution.

Can you change the scanner settings to .pdf instead of .jpg? That is how we do it here at work. Easy peasy.

Oh I love those drawings. Especially the tree. That is amazeing.

Back to that tree. That might make a great hand embroidery pattern

I love this idea!

Having printouts of this style directions will be an art piece in itself! I love it!

That's absolutely ADORABLE, Erin! The handwritten, hand-drawn instructions feel so personal, like they were written just for me. I especially love how you showed the corner flapping up on the in-progress flying geese.

So, suggestion for you: Do you have an iPad? There are several really cool drawing apps for iPad that I use for practice doodling quilting motifs like feathers and swirls. You don't ever run out of paper or ink, and drawing with a good stylus feels pretty smooth. I like Paper 54, Drawing Pad, and Notes Plus currently. These apps each cost $2 or less, and with some you can import and draw on a photo, which is nice for testing out the effect of different quilting motifs on a photo of your block or quilt top. You can see a couple of screen shots in this post: http://cheekycognoscenti.blogspot.com/2012/08/free-motion-quilting-on-my-ipad.html
Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful patterns with us! I'm learning so much from this Jingle project. :-)

A great solution!! And such unique looking pattern. Love it. Thankyou!!

Great idea and it works. Just one suggestion that you can take or leave as you wish. The pictures say it but in words you might mention that the green bits should always be on the same side. Us old hands get it but newbies sometimes need a little more info to get it right the first time.

Really good idea. go for it!

I like the illustrated instructions.

I too get frustrated with computer quilt designing programs--my design becomes limited by what I am able to do technically! Not good. I don't draw neat things like your tree, but I do get out my graph paper when I want to plan a quilt block or layout.

"They Draw and Quilt" has potential.

You are so talented. LOVE the hand drawn aspect and hope you keep it just that way.
Still hoping and really needing info on making the the green/cream units that go next to the center block for pieced block #3. I can't put them together w/out cutting off the points when sewn to center block. If I make the QST triangles bigger, have to make the cream HST bigger. Then it wouldn't fit the center block. Help!!!! Please!!!!!

Love it!! What a great idea.

Completely love the hand-drawn page. Pics are great (sometimes), but really, how often are they absolutely necessary? I mean, we don't make templates from the pics. We cut to the sizes given in the instructions.

My only suggestion for instructions is to give the unfinished sizes of both the block and the individual units, in this case, the flying geese. I square up my units before I sew them into a block, and I hate having to do my own math (yes, I'm totally lazy, I get that). Having that info just makes making the block go that much faster.

Thank you for providing these patterns. This is going to be a really adorable quilt.

Love it!! I will enjoy printing those out and seeing them on my sewing table. They are definitely their own little pieces of art. Really appreciate that your handwriting is readable too!

Along with everyone else, I have to say that I LOVE the hand-drawn instructions! It really does give them a more personal feel. And doing a "They Draw and Quilt" website sounds like a great idea too!

A perfect example of looking at a situation with a different lens. Way to go!!!

Eagerly waiting for you to launch "They Draw And Quilt"!!!

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