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Holy coffee, Batman!! Seriously the tree stump is pretty amazing. Love where you walk your dog.


Thee are stunning. Please tell us the name of the book.

I just took a class in Line design and the pre-class assignment was to start to notice line. Led to the same experience as your texture did--noticing old things in a new way.

Wow,how extraordinary are ordinary things....;-)

What you said about controlling and manipulating made me think. I've never edited a photo (although I love taking Pictures and am pretty good at "seeing" things)in my life because I think the time it takes to turn something good into perfect is not in relation to the amount of improvement in the end-result. For me this is wasted time I'd rather invest into making another "good" but not perfect thing. Thanks to you, I now understand why I'll never ever be a perfect patcher. I'm happy with "good" results and start a new project and let others do the perfectly matching points.

Beautiful photos! It's so nice to see what you see on your daily dog walk. The tree stump is truly amazing!

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