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I felt the same way when watching this Erin... Unfortunately, I don't have, and can't find a dvd copy of Tootsie to watch! It is in my list of things to look for though!

I love Tootsie and watch it almost everytime it's on.

wow, now I have to find a copy of Tootsie! I too have always loved him.

Now there's a REAL man. Thank you for sharing this.

What an interesting video -- thanks for sharing. Haven't seen Tootsie in a long time. Now I'll watch it again, but from a different perspective.

Thanks for sharing. I always liked Dustin Hoffman, but now even more. I was the woman he talked about being interesting, but not beautiful in the standard of what is "pretty".

Now that I am older I have found that all of a sudden men find me interesting, but many women still discount me because I am not "pretty" in the physical sense.

I love when people tell me I am beautiful, because I am from within.

The sad thing is that women are just as guilty of this as men are. We try to get the attention of the men who are tall, dark (or blonde) and handsome, never considering that what is in their brains and hearts is infinitely more important that what is on their faces. I know that some of the boys that in high school were considered the nerds grew to be the most interesting men I know. I'm just thankful that I was nerdy enough to find them interesting then.

Thank you for posting that. It totally made my day.

Thank you for that, Erin. That was wonderful!

Wow! How poignant. Thanks for sharing this.

Dustin Hoffman is a wonderful actor and I loved TOOTSIE. Thanks for sharing this.

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