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I say go Nerdy! Be yourself! Wondering what a girly watch that would cover a nerdy tan line would look like.....do they make girly watches that big?...LOL

That's too funny. Why didn't they like your watch? I say if you have to get a different one for photo shoots, then get something a little offbeat, colorful, or unusual. After all, you are a designer! I'll bet you'd like some of the ones in the Sundance catalog: http://www.sundancecatalog.com/search/CelebrosSearch.do?keyword=watch
The Cross Stitch, Stitches In Time and Athena models would all be perfect for a quilting celebrity like yourself. :-)

How funny!!! in my opinion, with the amazingly beautiful quilts that you create, you could wear an hourglass on your arm and it wouldn't make a difference to me!! Can't wait to see what you've been up to!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

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