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It's wonderful! Such a happy block.

Wow, it's like an explosion of colors and motifs, reminds me of a kaleidoscope! I love the focus fabric! Is is something from your stash, something current? (or like my stash, an archaeological dig?) :)

This is really sweet and up to date, color wise. I don;t know where you find the time to accomplish so much.

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!
Maybe part of a bigger quilt? Looking forward to the reveal!
Take care, Leslie

I know others have already said this, but WOW!!! Is this just one block, a center medallion, or is it a gigantic applique design that covers the entire quilt? I really like the "crown" around the center flower.

To be redundant - WOW! WOW! WOW! Yup, you're a sewing savant. Your work is so gorgeous.

Very lovely, Erin but don't care for the 24 circles, think it would look better without them, more space for quilting. Just saying.

This looks to be an awesome Quilt you are developing , looking forward to what is to come

Wow Erin....It´s very lovely!!!. Is it a future BOM?

What a beautiful block! Love the colors to.

LOVE this Quilt yes should be a BOM would be looking great,,,

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