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That must be some big booboo on your finger! But really, trading nine baskets for the BOM seems more than generous. You spoil us. Really.

Ouch! I hope your hand is better soon and that it isn't impeding your stitching. Take good care of yourself. I just saw on television that Christmas cookies have amazing curative properties... ;-)

I love baskets and I love trying new things so go for it! Its okay not to do the same thing all the time, change is good. We love hearing about your "little" world so we'll keep watching to see what goodies you come up with. Hope your finger feels better real soon.

Take care of yourself and hope the finger heals quickly

Thanks for your past BOMs and I applaud your creativity and willingness to share. Pamper yourself and thank you ahead of time for the basket blocks.

Please take care of your finger and don't overdo things. Thank you for once again providing us with a year long project. You are so generous.

It has been a delight following your blog and watching the way your "quilting career" has developed.
Of course you need to do whatever feels right for you. That way the creative process gets best expression.
The pictures at the top are interesting especially that one with the dresden plate - hope we will see more of that one.

Ouch Erin... Sending healing thoughts.... Thanks for always sharing your beautiful work... Can't wait to see what marvelous things you have in mind for your basket. Take care now...

Erin you have taken me above and beyond my comfort zone in both colour, style and creativity. I will be forever grateful. I hope you finger heals quickly, and you are able to take some " Me time " for yourself. You work far to hard at pleasing us and we will never forget you for this. I had stopped purchasing magazines until you went into the spotlight and will continue.

I do hope you release the mandala of the beautiful birds you were working on as a pattern we can purchase. Your work in phenominal

Take care of your finger! Thanks again for a other year project! Can't wait to see what you have in mine.

Erin, Ouch! Take care. Thank you for something wonderful to look forward to. Stay warm!

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