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This was great! I have blocks for a quilt that need trimmed to 26" and I've been trying to come up with the best way to do that as I have no square ruler that big. This will work perfectly!
Thank you!

This was a fantastic video. Erin, do you use this method to trim your smaller blocks as well? I trimmed the 9 1/2" blocks of my Jingle quilt by setting a square ruler on top of the block, trying to make sure everything was perfectly centered, and then rotary cutting off the excess. I found that difficult because the dimension of the applique -- especially the stuffed berries -- raised my ruler up so that it wasn't touching the background fabric at the edges of the block, and then the background fabric was free to move and ripple as I was cutting it. Seeing how you mark out your square and trim the block with the ruler laying flat on the excess fabric was a real epiphany. Thanks!

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