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No need to say sorry Erin! We love your BOM and are super grateful that you offer them for free. Designing and writing them is a ton of work and burnout is understandable. I still love seeing what you are working on, it is always an inspiration.

Thanks again for sharing o freely with us. A break might just let me catch up with the bird BOM :)

Erin, please don't feel bad. Yes, we all love your BOMs, but taking care of yourself is top priority, and it's really good you were able to realize that you need to recharge before you burned out. Please be good to yourself, and we'll be here whenever you do get a chance to blog. Maybe I'll actually get Floribunda done this year ;) !

So proud of you for your decision Erin! Love your blog and glad to see that you will continue with your postings. Happy quilting to you this year.

I, too, say....IT"S OK!!!! Don't beat yourself up about it. Don't do more than you can handle. Simplify! Relax so you don't get sick like I did. I still love to read your blog no matter what you write about. With the basket pattern already done and so many flowers previously designed, we can borrow them for different floral settings. It is an opportunity for us to stretch our creative wings and fly! This is also a good time for us to finish or start some of your past BOMs. Take care! We all love you!

Good choice! Take care of yourself!

I often wondered how you kept up with all you do...I think you're making the right decision for yourself. I hope the downtime stokes your creative fires. Enjoy!

It is so important to take care of yourself. When you do so much that you burn out you are not doing yourself or anyone else any good. Take care, relax a little and when you decide to do your next BOM we will be here!

Even though we will all miss the bom I surely understand the need to simplify. Even getting my sewing room in 0rder would be a major accomplishment! And I do need to quilt my beautiful jingle quilt you created last year! Thank you for that!

No need to say sorry for something you gave away for free and then decide not to do for free anymore :) I'm sure some will complain, but just whack them with your imaginary stick ;-) I for one am very thankful for the BOM's you have done, very thankful so THANK YOU!!

As one who has benefitted from your blog and designs, I think taking time off is not a bad idea for anyone. We need to recharge our batteries at times and I honestly think those of us who follow your blog and make your quilts will gain from that recharge. Gosh, I need to recharge! Why shouldn't you?

I love your happy designs. Keep having fun. Thank you for sharing your talents.

There is nothing to be sorry about. Take the time you need to recharge. I started doing the same thing this year. It's no fun, and not healthy to have too much on your plate..... in more ways than one. :)

Congratulations on your commitment to simpler living. I can't wait to see what great things come out of a "mental breathing room" year.

Erin, Take time to enjoy your life and your new job. I know that you have taken on so many new things this year that you must be stretched thin. We already have so many designs that you have shared that we certainly have a lot to play with on our own. I am certain that many more creative opportunities are going to be coming your way and you need to be recharged and energized to give them all a try.

Go, spread your creative wings and soar on the winds of change! We will all be here to cheer you on and enjoy your journey with you.

The true fans of your work would rather see you happy and healthy than have you deplete yourself just to bring us a new BOM. Your creative life shouldn't be so exhausting. Enjoy the time off. It's interesting reading about your journey.

Erin, it takes a very strong person to make a decision to change, and even stronger one to carry through with the decision. I never understood how you could accomplish all that you do and still keep us all enticed with your designs.

Please keep designing and selling, but not the ones that you ' have ' to do, but the ones that you chose to do.

I will thank-you for always teaching me how to applique the easy way and for the beautiful patterns I have purchased.

Enjoy your new journey and know that anyone who has benefited from your love of quilting, life, freedom to create, will always be blogging with you.

We blog without obligation - this whole business is meant to be fun. So do what's right for you and your family. You share so much and it's gratefully received, but it really is ok to step back and breathe. BE true to yourself and listen to your heart - it really will all work out in the end. Take care.

I regret for sure, but I understand also. I am now retired and don't find time for what I really want to do. So be happy with what you do. Anyway, you gave so much that we have plenty to do until you like to come back.
Rest and enjoy!
Martine from France

Thank you Erin. I've been thinking about slowing down too and enjoying the process, rather than working on several projects at once. I'll have to check out Gay's book.

Erin please don't feel bad! We all have other project we can do! That will give me a year to work more on my appliqué still having some trouble with them!

Totally understand. I think that we think that since we are women we should be able to do it all and sometimes we just need to step back and declutter our lives. Will miss the block of the month, but it gives me a chance to catch up with you other block of the months that are in process. Enjoy your more simplistic life. It is nice.

Yay - now I'll have a chance to catch up on my projects too! We are all in this together, most of us very much alike, and I, for one, totally understand the need for your decision to take a break and simplify. I really like the daily meditation you started with - something we can all learn from. Enjoy your simplification journey/recharging year! I will continue to enjoy your blog as I find your work simply lovely and inspiring. Your BOMs are total bonus and I'll look forward to the next one whenever it comes. Good for you for recognizing your limits and acting on it!

Am I operating at the level of simplicity I want?” Gay Hendricks
LOVE THAT! And I imagine most of us are not! Thanks for the inspiration to stop and smell the roses....you have lots of support out here in blog land!

Thank you for all that you have shared with us. It's much appreciated. You certainly deserve a break and time to recharge.

Good for you, Erin. I think your inner California girl is emerging!

I'll miss seeing your BOM but I can understand. You have to take care of you first! Thanks for all you've shared with us and i'll keep reading your Blog as I enjoy it. Thanks again for all you've done. You taught me a lot.

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