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Wow -- how could you have something that beautiful all ready to stitch, and then wait for a year to stitch it? Question for you -- when you say that it's ready to stitch, do you actually have all of the pieces glue basted in place prior to stitching a large, complex block like that? Or do you mean that you have all the pieces prepped, and then you glue them in place a few pieces at a time?

It's beautiful and I love your colors! It sure is time to stitch it!

very stunning!

Oh my, oh my! Very beautiful :-)

Wow, it looks amazing. Have fun stitchin'!

It is gorgeous! I've been waiting for this one to pop again! Any chance the pattern will be for sale. I know you are extremely busy, but I'm always interested in your patterns! Good luck with all of your proverbial irons in the fire!

One word - wow!

I ditto the first question posted here. Please tell us what state the quilt is currently in. I would be afraid that I would lose a piece while stitching them down. That happened to me when I was making the large center block on the Jingle BOM. Erin, thank you yet again for all you teach and do for quilters!

That is stunning!

I'd LOVE to get that pattern: is it something that you are going to put in your pattern shop any time soon?

Gosh that is beautiful. Your colors
choices, for lack of a better word, imaginative and inspiring. I was so caught up in the overall design that at first I did not see the swans (?)...wow, I love it!

This is great. I totally love it. Makes me smile.

Beautiful design I can't believe you had it setting around for a year! Love it!

WOW! so inspiring! Thanks!

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