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Hand/thumb pain is preventing me from appliqueing as much as I would like. The thumb joint near my wrist hurts for days after appliqueing and binding quilts. I would love to learn some exercises or stretches that would help with the pain.

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I believe the ride with a good chair help to you.

I'm 66 and my main problem is the shoulders. As we age we want to let them curve in and I'm fighting that! I try to remember to wear a posture shirt when I'm doing handwork or at the machine and it helps, but would love to know what you would suggest. Looking forward to your post.
p.s. Of course, with shoulders, the neck is always an issue too!

Just starting machine quilting, I really cannot do more than 1/2 hour at a time and have to constantly remind myself to drop my shoulders! Is this an eyesight issue or because my machine is on the table not inset into it?

I get pain across the back of my pelvis when sewing at the machine. I'm trying to sit with both my feet at the same level - one foot is on the foot pedal of the machine and I put the other on a phone book the same height as the foot pedal. This does help. Regular breaks help too!

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