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Yea, Erin! Who says being an empty nester is a negative. A great job, a path to health .... Those are great accomplishments! Congratulations.

YAHOO!! You go girl!! I bet you look and feel like dynamite!!
Enjoy the new YOU!!
PS...is the personal train cute?

congratulations and sticking with it - that is the main thing - sticking with it after the goal is met!

Congratulations! Rock on!

Congrats on your weight loss and becoming healthy. I'm a sporadic gym goer and an off and on eating plan. I can't do a regular pushup and would love to be able to. You're a big inspiration and I enjoy your posts.

Congratulations on meeting your fitness goals! I love hearing stories like this. I find them very inspiring.

Congratulations on reaching your goal! It takes a lot of determination to commit to a fitness and eating plan in order to reach a fitness goal. Your internet fans are so proud of you!!!

Yay! You go, Erin!

That is so terrific, he must be a good motivator. My younger brother is a personal trainer, I just wish he lived close enough to come help me as I think it would be fun to work with him.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You must look great and have a ton of energy, keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all. Bobbie

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