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WOW!! You look AMAZING!! Congratulations!! I find if I keep my exercise routine to the same time everyday I never miss it!

Thank you for this post. I was just thinking up an excuse not to go to the gym. You're post snapped me right out of it :).

Great job...I need to get back to it, thanks for the reminder!

WOOT WOOT!!!! Look at you GO!!!!!! Your progress has been AMAZING! Thank you for putting it all out there ( red faces are beautiful for the record ;O) and inspiring others!

Incredible results in just 6 months! It looks like there are no excuses, huh?

You look absolutely fabulous. Showing up and writing it down are the two things that work for me.

Erin, thanks for sharing. I need to make exercise a part of my daily life. It turns out wearing a fitbit doesn't automatically make you more fit! Luke is such a cutie.

Great post Erin -- thanks for the inspiration! You rook maauvelous! Hugs, Karen

I really enjoyed this post as I've been trying to get myself going. I'm sporadic going to the gym and with my eating. You have inspired me and I'm ready to start again. Thanks Erin!

Congratulations Erin. You do look great. I'm just sitting here looking for excuses to not go to the gym. Thanks for the kick in the rear. :-)

Go you! I can take a page out of your book! I have been slipping lately. Thanks for the inspire!

Somehow stumbled on to your blog and I love that you posted this. Great work. I will be back to do some more reading.

Erin, this is just wonderful! Good for you! I do Crossfit 3 times a week. It's HARD, but have seen improvement in many areas of my life. I love that you post recipes and I'm bummed that I can't find a yummy salad you posted a while back. If you can share again, I would be so grateful. I agree, more plants is a GOOD way to go. Keep up the good work. And thanks again for all you do to inspire us with your amazing patterns and techniques.

Congratulations! You look so happy in your pictures.

You look more fit, leaner, healthier, happier in the newer photo. Good for you! Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Good for you! You look great and an inspiration.

And thanks for all the wonderful quilting stuff. =)

Wau what a huge different! You look so great as your new looking :-)

Congrats!! You look great, and more importantly, you look happier!! (I noticed it because I don't look too happy in my "heavy" pics either!!) I need to get going and take your great example!

Seriously Erin, first you inspired me in my applique, then you inspired me to enter Quilt Design Star (made it to the semi final round one year) and now you have inspired me in the most important area of all. Never think that what you are doing here on your blog isn't really making a difference. Thank you.

Wow, you really do look fantastic, Congratulations! I've been struggling with myself lately and feel like I'm about to "hit the wall" with myself. I'm tired of feeling tired and out of shape. You're giving me the inspiration to turn the corner and stop making lame excuses for not doing what I know I need to do. Thank you so much for inspiring not just myself but others too with your quilting and weight loss.

Erin, you look FANTASTIC! But more importantly you can see how much better you feel! Great job, and thanks for the inspiration!

A financial blogger I follow, J.D. Roth, wrote a post recently about prioritizing. The example he quoted pointed out that if you put sand (your lower priority stuff) in a jar first, there isn't enough room left over for your big rocks (your high priority stuff). But if you put the rocks in first, the sand flows in around the rocks. There's even a YouTube video of the demonstration. In other words, do the important stuff first; the rest will fit in around it. In any event, keep at it and don't stop. I find it impossible to restart after something, like a vacation, stops my workouts. Then I regain the 20 pounds I lost and have to start all over again.

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