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Looks like it will be lovely. How about BEOM? Block every other month.

I love your block of the month pattern! I rarely manage to keep up with you so every other month sounds perfect to me. Why not name it Twitterpated? I always think twitterpated in the spring as I watch the birds courting each other.

Love the line drawing. BEOM does sound great. I also don't usually keep up!

How about BAM - Block of Alternate Months?

I always love your BOM's, so will be looking forward to another stunning pattern...I love the "Twitterpated" title myself...reminds me of springtime and newness...

How about bi-BOM? It also gives busy people more time to complete the block, too.

I'm with everyone, I love the idea of every other month. I might just be able to make one of your quilts. Thanks.

Erin, I'm so glad you are considering a butterfly BOM. However you choose to do it will be fine for all of us. We love your BOMs and you can do them quarterly if you like. I am grateful to you for sharing your special talent with us. Thank you sooooo much for your generosity .

I like BAM! If not that, how about SAM skip a month?
Whatever you end up calling it. Thanks!

I agree that it is a treat to get your designs no matter how long it takes! Love your designs and the center medallion is beautiful. I kind of like the BAM suggestion!

It's gorgeous! Hugs,

I think the honor of naming should go to you. I would be interested in any schedule.

I am hooked on applique and love your patterns, although I haven't kept up too well. An every-other-month would be nice but I'm sure we'll take whatever your decide. Thanks!

I'm so excited! I would love to participate in your BOM, BEOM, BAM, or whatever you decide to call it!
I love your patterns and will look forward to being there as it unfolds!

Erin, I have to admit that as much as I love, love, love your designs, I don't keep up with one block a month. I enjoy following you and will take whatever I can get. Thanks so much for your sharing.

BAM sounds great!
And Twitterpated is a lovely name for the quilt.

Debbie Mumm has several quilt patterns on her blog that is available every second month.

Thank you for sharing your lovely talent!

I'm new to this blog, and I love the pattern. Would like to participate in this new BEOM. I need information on how to get signed up. Thank you for your tutorial videos, they are very helpful.
Martha from Tellico Plains, TN

Since I can never get a block done each month, a block every 2 months or so is fine with me. Always look forward to your designs. Let us know when you are ready for sign-up.
Shirley in SC

Erin, that drawing is Whoa! While I like the idea of having butterflies to sub in the design, don't overcommit yourself. That way lies trouble. Every other month seems doable all the way around. I also "Like" Twitterpated for a name.

I have done some applique but still consider myself a beginner. I love your patterns and would like to do a block every other month. I think I could handle that no matter what you name it.
Phyllis in MO

Hi Erin,
If what you can manage is every other month, then that's fine. The quilt doesn't have to be done in one year, it can take two. As for the name, "Devotion in Dogwood" immediately came into my brain. What do you think of it?

Love the pattern. Wow! When you mentioned butterflies...love them too. "Erin's bi-monthly Quilt-along" or "Quarterly Quilt-Along" not fancy names but self-explanatory???? We appreciate all the time and creativity that you have to share with us. Thanks Erin!!!

Love your new design. Turquoise is my favorite color so I'm twitterpated too.
I will be thrilled to have your new designs no matter what the schedule is.
Thank you for taking the time to give us a new design.

hi Erin,

i whole heartedly agree with all of the comments...whatever fits in with your schedule....thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents....

Hi Erin, Love the look of the new pattern. Your patterns are always so bright and cheerful. I too agree, what ever suits you, you are doing it for free and should be on your terms sand we should be thankful that you are doing it at all. A great big Thank you and a big applause to you.

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