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Love the pattern! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

I am definitely for the birds! Twitterpated is one of my favorite words and I do love that. A BEOM or BAM suits my schedule and my speed very well. I usually get behind on a BOM.

Love doing your BOM's and just finished the border for the My Tweets from a few years ago! So if you did every other month it would be fine.
What about Tweeterpated for a title!
What ever you decide, you know you have loyal followers of your designs. You make them SO tempting to do every single one of them!

Every 2 months sounds great to me. I have a hard time keeping up with every month. I can take my time and do a better job

I like the "BAM" name. I, too, cannot keep up with one block every month. I absolutely LOVE your birds, so whatever you decide is fine with me. I love butterflies also. I think as the designer it should be your choice, and if you want to offer an alternative to the birds that would even be nicer. So, keep up the great work! Love your designs and your blog. You go, girl...

Your patterns are always so fresh and fun. Every other month sounds so perfect to me cause I've got that stifling 8 - 5 thing too. BAM sounds catchy, too. Thanks for even considering the offer with your busy schedule.

New to this blog but want to participate. One in two sounds good to me. Maybe I can keep up. Love the drawing. Thx fir sharing.

me encantan sus patrones usted es una persona con mucho talento , lo que decida estarĂ¡ muy bien gracias, muchas gracias.

I would love to have another BOM from you! If every other month works better for you - let's do it! I work as well and I couldn't keep up with the monthly format. This post has seriously made me excited to quilt again!!!

I love your birds as they always make me smile. Every other month sounds good to me too. That will be easier to keep up with. If you make a butterfly I'm sure it will be a sight to behold.

Sounds good. Looking forward to the next one.

Love the blue bird with the floral accent on the wing! It is original looking to me. I like the name Twitterpated, but you will probably come up with something really better. Which Miss will the central block be called? (Miss Judy for Judy Garland singing Over the Rainbow where blue birds fly?)
Love the central design. Very classy. Your florals are so very sweet.
And, I love the triangle borders! Very different.
Every other month sounds fine to me. Whatever you can handle. I worked FT, too, and it is hard to get things done sometimes. Just appreciate what you share with your loyal followers. You are a wonderful person.

If each of your blocks has a bird in it... you could call it Bi-Monthly Birdies. Kind of corny but kind of catchy too.

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