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I had to laugh when I saw your blog name. I have been using that name for several years. I do post irregularly to Judy's site on Mondays. Happy Labor Day.
Jane in KS

I like the BAQ idea. Less time pressure all around.

Hi Erin! I can't wait to start! For a while now I have said to all who cared to listen, that I am planning to make the most beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, awesome quilt ever ... & here it is ...Twitterpated! I too, am twitterpated & therefore I can't wait to start xxx Thank you for sharing your unbelievable talent with us... your twitterpated friends. Warm regards from South Africa, Adrie Strong

I like the idea do BOQ even better than BOM or BOEM! Looking forward to the fun!

I'm game for whatever you do. I love your blog and projects. I can't imagine your doing a better job in your tutorials. They're always clear to me. You're to blame for my new interest in applique! =) Thanks for all your sharing.

I like BAQ, no pressure which is great.

BAQ sounds great. Gives us all time to stop and smell the roses!!! :) Thanks Erin!

I love that idea BAQ. Keep me in the loop. ths

Great idea!! BOQ is better for many of us!! I think you'll start a new trend! Thanks!


YEAH!!! I love your quilt patterns and I love your freezer paper method. Thank you. Pam

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