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That is really pretty! I am itching to start either an embroidery or a hand appliqué project! That would satisfy both cravings!

I would love a pattern. My email is cusypernas@gmail.com

I would love the pattern also. I love your work and all your patterns and BOM. Got the last BOM almost done.
My e-mail is sasstaerk@aol.com

Yes, a pattern would be most welcome. I've always wondered about the quilting -- before or after. Too bad all my redwork blocks are already embroidered, so those will have to be after.

Now that is a silly question - "Yes" a pattern would be GREAT ! Thank You


What a beautiful piece and yes I would love the pattern.

Yes I would love a copy of your pattern. It is beautiful.

I never thought of quilting first! You always use the best colors. This is a great pattern.Hope it's available soon!

Beautiful> I think every quilter who sees this would like to have the pattern, me included. Great work

I would imagine that doing the embroidery first would be easier since you only have to stitch through one layer. I do like the look of having the quilting everywhere. I guess it would depend on how long the quote is and how much hand stitching you have to do!

Oh please, please, please a pattern! This is a wonderful piece. I signed up to make the monthly mini in my quilt guild for next March. This would be PERFECT! Hopefully it would raise a lot of $$. I would like to know, "was it harder to embroider through all the layers on the after version?" They both look great.

Wow like the flowers & leaves would love the pattern. You are really talent in the way you position flowers & leaves.

I have appliqued after quilting when the back didn't matter, and it worked well. I wanted to quilt flowing water and not quilt around the floating circles. Seems the same principle. If an invisible stitch is possible through three layers, I'd assume an embroidery stitch would be also. A thin batting, of course.

Such a lovely design. I would love the pattern if possible.

How lovely!!! I love doing things like this and putting them in my office cube. Keeps me happy and others when they see it as well.

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