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I have been trying to access the www.mccallsquilting.com homepage but have not been able to connect with the site . I can connect with all other sites but this one all that happens is that the address name comes up on the computer then the line that shows how much has dowloaded goes backwards & forwards & will not connect me with this site. My husband has check the internal coding & informs me that it is going into a loop repeat over &over again. This is extremely frustrating when I have tried to enter when you have it up on your site, I even receive the emails from McCalls Quilting & cannot download the site from there as well. I have tried to contact McCalls quilting quite a number of times since 29th December 2014 & the only replies (several) I get is that my question/request has been forwarded to another department. I'm quite sure that through your web site you would not like supplying information of the McCall's MiniMadness if people cannot seem to be able to access the site. So I know this is not your web site, as yours works perfectly well, but I thought I'd let you know the problem with accessing the McCalls quilting/mini madness that you recommend.

Marion Bryant-Parsons, Victoria, Australia

Well I thought it was just me!
I have tried on several different occasions and I can't get thro either. And I have in the past when you were on before.
(I am over in U.K.)

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