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That is wonderful! Congrats to Marie for her workmanship and to you for the pattern. Definitely a prize winner at a prestigious show.

Magnifique ! Le prix est bien mérité, bravo Marie Blunk !

This is amazing! I love it!

That's a beautiful quilt!

Her quilt is beautiful! Congratulations to Marie, and to you, Erin, for creating the design and for being the little bird who has told so many of us that we CAN applique!

Wow! That's fantastic! Congrats, Marie. You must be ecstatic . Erin, you must be so proud.

Quilt is beautiful it's a work of art, Congratulation to Marie Blunk. But can anyone change the name of your pattern? And did she mention the name of the designer? Sorry it's just a query. Your Patterns are so beautiful and we get them free. Thank you so much

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